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April 10, 2012

Psychotic Reaction Music Video

by Kenn

The song Psychotic Reaction was written by the five members of the Count Five, Craig “Butch” Atkinson, John Byrne, Roy Chaney, Kenn Ellner and John “Mouse” Michalski.

The song was played by the band for a long time at their live performances as an instrumental and was well received by the Count Five fans in attendance. Fans were wildly ecstatic about the instrumental version. However, after much prodding from the band’s manager Sol Ellner at a rehearsal at Ellner’s house, Byrne was told by Sol to “Go across the street and don’t return without lyrics to the song” (Byrne lived across the street from Ellner with Byrne’s uncle Leo). Byrne complied. The song went through months of modifications by the band modifying beats, rhythm and the like. As the band auditioned for various labels and producers all had constructive criticism about the song and its structure. Taking into account some of the criticisms and discarding others the band members worked many hours and many months modifying and rearranging the composition with assistance from multiple sources., a DJ from KLIV Radio Brian Lord, various producers of audition sessions, management, agents, friends and fans. In the studio at Nashville West on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, Double Shot Record’s producer even modified the lyrical content by suggesting and adding the famous tag line “And it feels like this”. Psychotic Reaction was truly a collaborative composition.

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